2014 Dodge Dart Limited: A Tiger under the Hood

When shopping for an affordable compact sedan, you’re sure to run across the Dodge Dart. In the small car market the Dart is a contender with its roomy interior, eye-catching style and spiffy audio-entertainment interface. For 2014 Dodge is making things even more appealing making the 184 horse power, 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine standard on [...]

Chevrolet Volt: A Better Bargain for 2014

To be clear, the Volt is not an electric car, but rather a hybrid. However, it does the job so well that it’s actually better than electric cars. Being one of the new of breed of plug-in hybrids, the Volt travels 25-50 miles on battery power alone whereupon the gasoline engine kicks in to allow [...]

2014 Cadillac XTS Vsport Premium: A Turbo-boost of Luxurious Fun

As the biggest Sedan in the Cadillac fleet, the XTS seems designed with older customers in mind. But add a turbo-charged V-6 and you’ve got something else entirely. The new V-6 engine in the XTS Vsport delivers the goods with a burst of turbocharged speed that will have you leaving cars in your dust. But [...]

Turning Heads the 2014 Kia Forte EX

Sporting an eye-catching blend of angles and curves, the 2014 Kia Forte adds a lower roofline and blends it with additional length and width changing it from frump to fab. It comes in two models: the base LX and the option-rich EX which is the subject of this review. Equipped with a more powerful engine [...]

2014 Buick Verano Turbo: Well-Rounded and Feature-Rich

The compact near-luxury sedan market is relatively small, with heavy hitters such as Mercedes-Benz and Acura leading the fray. The 2014 Buick Verano may seem out of its league among in such company, but, surprisingly holds itself well against its more elite counterparts. At first glance the Verano Turbo looks a lot like the Chevy [...]

Nissan Rogue Gets a Complete Makeover for 2014

Adding to its height and width, the Rogue gets additional leg-room and cargo space for 2014, giving back-seat passengers over two inches of stretching space and leaving room for an optional third row seat. Also added is cargo space 70 cubic feet compared to the cramped 59.7 of previous years. Still under the hood is [...]

2014 Infiniti Q60 Convertible: A Rose by an Other Name

When looking for a fun, up-market sport convertible look no further than the Infiniti Q60. Luxury with an emphasis on performance, the Q60 comes equipped with a powerful 330-horsepower V6 engine and wicked handling. The base model, which I tested, came equipped with a seven-speed automatic trany which didn’t slow this puppy down one bit. [...]

The Mazda MX-5 Miata: Classic-Styling for 2014

Keeping its classic styling for 2014, the Mazda MX-5 Miata Club with the power-retractable hard top is still one of the most popular sports cars around.  It’s an affordable alternative to higher-priced sports cars with all the corner whipping, top-down excitement of higher-priced competitors. With a 2-liter inline four banger engine you’ll be galloping down [...]

2014 Nissan Armada Platinum 4×4 A Practical Full-Size SUV

Not much has changed with the 2014 Nissan Armada Platinum 4×4 from its 2013 counterpart, it still provides the same spacious interior and cargo space that is practical as it is comfortable. Many car manufacturers have ditched their full-size SUV models for smaller crossovers, and the Armada is one of the few left that is [...]

2013 Hyundai Veloster RE:MIX Edition: Sporty Looks are Not Enough

When it comes to hatchbacks, the 2013 Hyundai Veloster RE:MIX edition is one of the most attractive ones out there. Rather bold, but screaming personality. But does it perform as well as it looks? Or is this another case of form over function? Taking a look outside the car, you get 18-inch black painted multi-spoked [...]

2014 Audi A5 Coupe: A Sexy Beast

A slight boost in horsepower along with new standard features like keyless ignition, Bluetooth and an optional Black Optic package are new for 2014. I’ll admit it, I was an Audi virgin. Until receiving the A5 Coupe Quattro manual I had never driven an Audi. Oh, I’ve admired them and certainly lusted after them, but [...]

Kia Adding a Little “Soul” to Your Drive

I’ve always like the Kia Soul. It seems to bring out the kid in me with its boxy shape and fun extras. Maybe it’s the image of the hip-hopping hamsters or the tongue-in-check design features like the pulsating colored lights around the speakers, but it has always been one of my favorite budget cars. For [...]

The Volkswagen Beetle Celebrates 65 Years in the United States

This month, the Volkswagen Beetle celebrates 65 years since it first arrived in the United States. In January of 1949, a Volkswagen “Type 1,” or Beetle, was shipped to New York City by Ben Pon, Sr., a Dutch businessman and the world’s first official Volkswagen importer. That car—and another, subsequent Beetle— found buyers the same [...]

Kia Optima Hybrid: Getting Your Money’s-Worth

For 2013 the Kia Optima Hybrid boasts a new electric motor that delivers seven more horsepower than previous years. Also new is the more compact size of the battery giving the consumer more trunk space than previous models. The net result of this change is better mileage of 35/city, 39/highway and 37/combined MPG. Kia is [...]

2013 Infiniti M Hybrid Virtually The Same, All Good

Hybrids can be a challenge for first-time users. The underpowered feeling, a lag time that’s evident from stepping on the accelerator to getting a response, and the disconcerting feeling you get when the gas engine automatically starts. All of which are missing in the 2013 Infiniti M Hybrid making it a pleasure to drive. The [...]

2014 Audi A4 Quattro: Hot, Hot, Hot

Giving the Audi A4 more horsepower is like gilding the lily but that’s what Audi did for 2014, adding nearly 10 horses to its already impressive 211 horsepower turbo-charged engine making for a whopping 220 hp engine. You don’t want to poke that Tiger. Also new for 2014 is the Convenience package, now standard, adding [...]


2014 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Sport Limited: Cents and Sensibility

A compact Hatchback with a useful AWD feature, the Subaru Impreza holds its own in the fiercely competitive small sedan and hatchback market. With a rearview camera standard on the Limited trim level and smartphone integration new for 2014, the Impreza also boasts a roomy interior, comfortable ride, and simplicity of handling. Standard on the [...]


Jeep Compass Limited Small but Significant Changes for 2014

With a new sound-damping windshield, standard seat-mounted air bags, 18-inch aluminum wheels, back up camera and a few exterior embellishments, the 2014 Jeep Compass Limited is just getting better. But the big change this model year is a six-speed automatic to replace the stiff continuously variable transmission that seemed to be universally hated. The new [...]


Mitsubishi Outlander GT: New and Improved for 2014

Getting the most out of less seems to be the Mitsubishi Outlander’s raison d’etre for 2014. Not quite a minivan, the Outlander takes a relatively compact length (around 183 inches) and packs the most useful space inside. My test car was the fully-loaded GT with the Touring Package which outfitted the SUV with luxury-class convenience [...]


Careful! Don’t Take That Payout Money and Run

It’s sad, but true. For many Californians, the pain of a minor automobile accident only gets much worse after the accident itself is all over, the glass swept up, and injuries patched. Because after being smashed into by another driver, accident victims often head right into another painful collision with their own insurance company. In [...]


Volkswagen Announces Pricing of Beetle and Beetle Convertible 1.8T Models

Having launched the new EA888 1.8-liter turbocharged and direct-injection TSI® engine in the Jetta and Passat lineup, Volkswagen of America has announced pricing for the Beetle and Beetle Convertible 1.8T models, which are now beginning to arrive in dealerships. The base price for the Beetle is $20,295 when equipped with a five-speed manual transmission and [...]


2014 ZL1 Camaro Convertible: Beauty and Brawn in One Sleek Package

The 2014 ZL1 Camaro Convertible from Chevrolet is everything you would expect from a Camaro. With just minor changes made from last year’s model, it just goes to show that Chevy is not trying to fix what ain’t broke. Some of the minor changes in the 2014 model are the wider lower mouth, compressed upper [...]


A Wheely Good Look at the LA Auto Show

Eddie Rivera takes a close up look at the spectacular new wheels at the Los Angeles Auto Show.


Kia Hits it Out-of-the-Park with the 2014 Cadenza

For years, Kia has been known for putting out mediocre car models. But in recent years, the Korean car manufacturer has shown it can do way better by churning out quality cars that rival even the best Japanese models. The 2014 Kia Cadenza is proof of that. Combining style, features and value, this large sedan [...]


2014 Chevy Impala 1LT Sedan An Iconic Name, But Does It Deliver?

The Impala brand had more misses than hits in its previous incarnations, especially the more recent ones. But Chevy’s redesigned 2014 model aims to erase all doubts and bring the Impala name back at the top. For its exterior, the new Impala is going for bigger curves, bolder lines and more length. Its more dynamic [...]


2013 Fiat 500C Lounge Cabrio The Little Car That Can

The Fiat 500 was introduced last year and gained quite a following with its quirky and retro-esque styling. This year is no different, offering the same quality performance for less, in a polarizing design that echoes the past. The Fiat 500 can be considered the Italian Mini Cooper. A compact with huge personality as well [...]


2014 Kia Sorento SX AWD A Top Contender in the Small to Midsize SUV Market

For its 2014 model, the Kia Sorento’s styling update is slight on the outside, inside the cabin and engine have been upgraded significantly. The Kia Sorento has been one of the favorites the past few years in the midsize crossover SUV market, and this year is no different. Though at first glance, the exterior and [...]


2013 Chevy Volt Feel Virtuous and Comfortable

For its 2013 iteration, the Chevy Volt receives some significant upgrades that push it to be one of, if not the, best hybrids in the market today. I feel so virtuous driving the Volt as it runs quietly and smoothly to my destination. To be clear, the Volt is not an electric car, but rather [...]


2013 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SV Should You Believe The Hype?

Ever since it was first introduced some 20 years ago, the Maxima has been touted as the “sports car with four doors.” Many laughed at this bold statement but in a way it delivered some measure of truth. For the 2013 Maxima, should we expect more of the same, or a toned down version of [...]


2013 Infiniti JX35 FWD The Driving Force is Comfort

The 2013 JX35 FWD is the latest crossover from the Infiniti brand, and though it takes its design cues from its range of vehicles, overall it looks like a watered down Infiniti, which is not necessarily a bad thing. This pared down design makes for a more mainstream look, and is very appealing. The only [...]


2013 Hyundai Azera Luxury for Less

Last year’s Hyundai Azera was a stylish, premium sedan that was economical, practical and spacious. A bang-for-the-buck value any which way you looked at it. The 2013 Azera continues that tradition with an even more luxurious feel. The 2013 Azera is arguably the best looking large sedan in its class. It’s also the most fuel-efficient [...]