Are You Listening to Your Car?

Published: Monday, August 5, 2019 | 10:39 PM


We all know that sinking feeling when you turn on your car and it emits a piercing shriek from under the hood.

But wait! Didn’t you hear funny noises earlier?

Prevent major car trouble by keeping your eyes (for smoke and drippings) and ears (for telltale noises) open.

To help keep us on the road in our own car instead of paying for big repairs and Uberring to work, we asked the local car repair experts at JK Automotive Volvo Specialist for important car noises you shouldn’t ignore:

Here’s a quick preventative diagnostic checklist:

Rumbling or buzzing noise – Your exhaust pipe has holes causing it to vibrate each time you press on the gas pedal since the fumes are coming out from different exits. Temperature, water, heat and elements in the environment affect the integrity of your pipes.

Screeching noises under the hood – Check your engine belt. It might be already worn out or at breaking point. Also, it’s likely that the tensioner is loose.

Clunking and Squeaking – There’s probably something wrong with your suspension when these sounds come from under near the wheel. When there’s a canny noise each time you turn the wheel, the ball joints night already be loose or worn out. Either you have to tighten it or change the components altogether.

Whining noises during acceleration – Two reasons for these noises. The car may have a transmission problem or your power steering fluid is leaking. There’s a possibility that there’s something wrong with the car’s power steering pump also.

More whining sound when driving – The worn-out bearings inside the alternator may be causing the whining sound as it vibrates inside. Check the alternator.

High pitched-noise when revving the engine – A misalignment of the belt and pulley may be causing this noise. The friction between the belt’s hard rubber and the metal pulley rubbing creates a high-pitched noise.

Before you ride your car, rev it up, go out, and do a 360-degree inspection. Listen. You now know what kind of sounds to check out. And if what you hear sounds like trouble, now you have the experts at JK Volvo to save your day.

JK Volvo believes in doing the job right the first time. So if you’ve got a Volvo or Mini-Coopers that needs some repairs and you’re in the area, do yourself and your car a favor.

Do it right the first time—go to JK Volvo.

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