JK Volvo Serving the Pasadena Area for Nearly 50 Years By Treating Customers like Family

Published: Monday, January 29, 2018 | 8:26 PM

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For almost 50 years, JK Volvo has served the Pasadena area.

JK Volvo specializes in providing highly skilled diagnostics, repairs and service for Volvos. Most importantly, they provide these services with ethics, honesty and integrity.

They are a family owned business and their integrity is a reflection of the core family values that John Kefalas – founder of JK Volvo Specialists instilled in his family and brings to the community.

J.K.-Volvo-10-19-2015-pics01As a result, they treat their customers like family – many of whom they have proudly served for decades. They are the “honest mechanics”. They invite you to bring your Volvo to them, and get to know them. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your Volvo is being well maintained

They believe it is in your best interest to preserve to quality of your Volvo automobile by choosing factory or original equipment parts. JK Volvo specialists uses only factory-authorized parts. Why? They believe in assuring that your Volvo will perform with the safety and reliability Volvo intended and that you expect!

To ensure your safety, vehicle performance and to protect your factory warranty, they encourage you to choose JK Volvo Specialists – an ASE certified Volvo auto repair and service center – and genuine Volvo factory-certified parts

So, if you want your Volvo to be service by professionals who treat you like family, try JK Volvo.

JK Volvo is located at 1587 East Walnut, Pasadena, (626) 792-2240 or visit